The polypropylene bicomponent fiber matrix developed and patented by JNC presents the high degree of fiber-to-fiber thermally bonded construction while the fiber diameters utilised are progressively finer from the outside to the inside. Accordingly, a stabilized pore structure is formed, and an ideal fiber porosity gradient is provided.


  • The constructed super-fine polypropylene fibers developed and patented by JNC ensure finer filtration.
  • Depth filtration with a large continuous porosity gradient.
  • The simple but clean and rigid structure utilizing state-of-the-art fiber technology allows for longer service life and higher throughputs.
  • A rigid filter structure of fused fibers in a three dimensional network with a high tolerance for differential pressure is achieved.
  • The diameter of the structural fibers is changed for every grade, and the grades are clearly differentiated from an absolute filtration rating of 1μm to 15μm.
  • The polypropylene fibers of construction are FDA approved for potable liquids contact according to CFR Title 21.


– General Industry

– Chemicals

– Food and Beverages

– Electronics

Absolute Filtration Accuracy (μm)13571015