Industrial Filtration Products

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Industrial Filtration Products

KETCO offers a wide array of industrial filtration products meeting customer’s production requirements. We work hand-in-hand with our overseas consultants in finding the best yet cost -effective filtration solutions for our customers.

Depth Filtration

Thermally Bonded Bi-component Cartridge Filter Elements

Melt-Blown Cartridge Filter Elements

String Wounded Cartridge Filter Elements

Carbon Cartridge Element 

Surface Filtration

Bag Filters

Filter Fabrics

High Temperature and Pressure Filtration

Stainless Steel Mesh Cartridge Filters

Wedged Wire Strainers

Sintered Metal Cartridge Filter Elements

High Performance Filtration

Membrane Cartridge Filter Elements

RO Membrane Cartridge Filter Elements

Pleated Membrane Cartridge Filter Elements

High Flowrate Filtration

High Flow Cartridge Filter Elements

Multi-layers Bag Filters

High Dirt Loading Bag Filters

Light Industrial Point-of-use Filters

Mini Filters

Single Stage Filtration System

Mobile Filtration System


Filter Housing

Easy-Lock Single Bag Filter Housing

Multiple Bag Filters Filtration System

Multiple Cartridge Filtration System

Pressure vessels

Storage Tanks

Sedimentation Tanks