Special Type

Mini Filter 

  • Optimal for use with extremely low flow rate
  • Optimal for use in spray guns and for last chance, point-of-use filtration at low flow rates
  • Applicable in paint, ink, chemical, plating, food and water treatment industries


Quick Pack 

  • Less cleaning required (housing stays clean)
  • Limited operator exposure
  • No internal components to clean, lose, or damage
  • Reduced labour for faster process turnaround with rapid change-out design
  • Overall reduction in total filtration and associated costs.


Special Type
Special Type

STEM Filter

Specially solidified and molded activated carbon type stem cartridge
Materials: coconut-shell activated carbon, polyolefin

  • Pressure drop is low, and a high filtration flow rate may be achieved.
  • The contact area with the activated carbon is large, and adsorption capacity is high.
  • The filter service life is long, requiring fewer filters in the long run.
  • There is no shedding, and no contaminant unloading or channeling.

High Flow Filtration

High flow cartridge filter is coreless, single-open-ended which can be used widely in different applications. Large diameter and large filter area thus reduce use quantity and filter size.

Features & Benefits:
–        Minimise waste disposal
–        Lowering operating cost
–        Increase energy saving
–        Ease of installation and maintenance

Special Type
Special Type

Magnetic Filter

  • Suitable for coolants, cutting oils, lubrication oils, transmissions
  • High contaminant holding capacity which makes it the ideal choice for high contaminant environments
  • Low cost alternative and is suitable in the metal working environment
  • Transparent Styrene bowl mounted on a polypropylene head allows for easy condition monitoring of the contaminant build up
  • Work at high or low pressures, temperatures, viscosity, flow rates & vibration level

Mobile Filtration System

A compact, self-contained filtration system which is able to suit different requirements from varying industries according to customer’s required specifications.
–        Handy structure, portable and easy operation
–        For a wide range of industrial application
–        Cost effective solution to maintaining fluid cleanliness in multiple applications with the same fluid.

Special Type